Automatic Call Distribution Software

SUPERCALL's automated call distribution software, commonly referred to as an ACD system, simplifies inbound call routing by automatically routing calls based on rules you specify. When paired with IVR and advanced analytics, our ACD system is one of the most budget-friendly and user-friendly virtual ACD systems on the market. Establish automatic call routing rules using external numbers, call queues, user extensions, time of day, and a variety of other criteria. Sign up for our free trial today to test out the top ACD software for call centers, risk-free.

Create Better Experiences with Inbound ACD Software

Enhance the experience of your callers by directing them to the appropriate agent who can meet their needs on their first call. By minimizing the number of transferred calls, both the agents and the callers are likely to be more content. Seamlessly integrate SUPERCALL's inbound ACD system with your CRM and other essential business tools to achieve better results.

ACD with IVR and Advanced Phone System Features

Tailor your IVR menus and conditional auto call distribution rules to your specific business needs with unlimited customization options. Benefit from a range of phone system features, including call queueing, automatic callback, and advanced analytics, which are all included in the package at no extra cost.

Expect More from Your Call Center ACD System

At an amazing price, our ACD software offers a wide range of call management features that other providers charge extra for. Enjoy automatic call distribution, call queues, IVR, analytics and dashboard, VoIP integrations, and many more features without breaking the bank.

Automated Call Distribution Features

Custom Call Distribution

You can personalize your automatic call distributions by selecting from various automatic call routing options.

ACD with IVR

Maximize the efficiency of your inbound call routing by combining automated call distributions with other call management features, such as IVR.

Advanced Analytics

Gain deep insights into your call center performance with advanced analytics available on your virtual ACD platform, which includes inbound (call queue), agent, and outbound views.

ACD Software Integrations

Maximize the potential of your call distributions by integrating your ACD software with your CRM, help desk, and other business tools.