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Queue Callback Software

The automated or queue callback feature enables callers to reserve their place in the call queue and receive a call back when an agent is available to assist them. Waiting on hold for extended periods and navigating complex call routing systems can lead to customer frustration and abandoned calls. By providing customer callback software, you can enhance customer convenience and avoid problems that could result in a suboptimal experience.

Reduce Your Call Abandonment

By offering automated callback, your callers can secure their place in the queue and receive a call back from your team instead of waiting on hold. This not only saves them time, but it also decreases the likelihood of call abandonment and increases customer satisfaction.

Customer Callbacks That Your Agents Will Love

Suppose we told you that we could take care of the bulk of the work for your team. With SUPERCALL's Queue Callback, your returned calls are immediately assigned and queued for the next available agent. By clicking a single button, the return call is placed, and the following customer in line is connected.

Top Notch Customer Service

Your customers expect to engage in swift and effortless conversations with your brand. Functions like Queue Callback not only save your customers' time, but also assist your agents in efficiently managing calls, delivering a superior customer experience that entices them to return.

Setting Up Queue Callback is Easy and Affordable

Establish queue callback software and handle your inbound calls from a user-friendly online interface.

Customer Callback with Screen Pop

Utilize the Help Desk and CRM integrations to provide your agents with more context during customer callbacks.

Queue Management

Observe the number of available agents, agents on calls, the number of waiting calls, the average wait time, and the maximum wait time.

Save on Call Charges

Instead of being charged for every minute a caller is on hold in the queue, the virtual hold feature of queue callback is free of charge.

Agent Management

Monitor agent statuses and the call queues they are assigned to, and supervise and train your agents with real-time call monitoring.