Call Queuing

Call Queue Phone System

Improve your agent productivity by using call queue software, which simplifies the process of organizing, filtering, and formally grouping your teams. For each team, you can tailor ring strategies to guarantee efficient call distribution, ensuring that your callers receive prompt assistance. SUPERCALL streamlines the process of customizing your phone queues, monitoring your calls, and managing your agents. You can further automate workflows by integrating your call center queue management software with your CRM and other business tools.

Manage Your Call Queue System Online

Easily set up your call queue system online with just a few clicks. While callers wait, you can personalize the experience by creating custom hold music or messaging, and you can establish timeout limits to determine when callers will be directed to voicemail.

Reduce Missed and Abandoned Calls

Route callers to your call queues using custom ringing strategies, such as round-robin, least used, or ring all. To reduce abandoned calls, enable your customers to receive a call when an agent is available if the queue is full.

Easily Monitor Team

Assess the impact of call queue software on your business performance from a single dashboard. You can observe real-time queue metrics such as average wait time and the number of callers on hold, and you can leverage historical queue reports to optimize agent scheduling.

Setting Up Your Phone Queue System is Easy and Affordable

Evaluate team performance and the influence of a call queue phone system on your business.

Queue Dashboard

Observe the number of available agents, agents on calls, the number of waiting calls, average wait time, and maximum wait time.

Agent Management

Access agent statuses and the call queues they are assigned to, and provide guidance and support to your agents through live call monitoring.

Call Queue Management

Effortlessly handle your incoming calls by utilizing customized routing, hold music, and IVR prompts.

Phone Queue Call Back

Users with an enterprise license can minimize the number of abandoned calls and improve the callers' queuing experience by providing them with the option to receive a call back when an agent is free.