Interactive Voice Response

Try Hosted IVR Software Risk-Free

The IVR system software, which stands for Interactive Voice Response, enables you to control your voice menus and call routing through a user-friendly online interface. This hosted IVR solution from SUPERCALL operates in the cloud and enables you to create multi-level IVR menus and direct calls to various destinations such as groups, queues, users, voicemail, or external phone numbers. You can manage your cloud IVR, call logs, call recordings, and other related features from one central online interface. Furthermore, you can activate a phone number from over 170 countries and experience the best international IVR solution available through SUPERCALL.

Save Time for Agents and Callers with IVR Routing

Enhance your callers' experience by implementing a well-structured IVR system that minimizes the need for call transfers, improves self-service options, and gives priority to your company's high-value customers.

Personalize Your Customer Experience

With effective call routing, you can create an exceptional customer experience by designing unlimited custom greetings and menus that suit your IVR system.

Affordable International IVR Coverage

When you purchase a phone number from SUPERCALL, you receive access to hosted IVR capabilities. With availability in over 170 countries, no other IVR service provider can match the coverage provided by SUPERCALL.

Setting Up Your Cloud-Based IVR is Easy and Affordable

At no additional charge, each phone number comes equipped with our user-friendly cloud IVR software, which is straightforward to install.

Unlimited Menus

Configure your IVR system according to your business requirements, including the ability to establish numerous IVR menus and route calls to users, numbers, groups, queues, or other IVRs.

International IVR

Leverage your IVR system globally to redirect your incoming calls to any destination across the world.

Personalized Greetings

Configure a cloud IVR system with personalized greetings that align with your business and guide callers to the appropriate destination based on their requirements.

Custom Routing

Maximize your callers' experience by combining IVR and ACD (automated routing) to provide the most efficient service available.

Analytics and Dashboards

User licenses must be purchased to access custom dispositions and advanced analytics, which enable you to assess the effect of IVR on your call metrics in a straightforward manner.